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What is oxygen cleaning?

Oxygen cleaning is a process used to remove organic and other contaminants from the surface of metal components or piping systems to ensure they are suitable for use in oxygen-rich environments. Oxygen cleaning is typically performed on components used in the aerospace, pharmaceutical, and semiconductor industries, where high levels of purity are required.

During the oxygen cleaning process, the components or piping systems are cleaned using a combination of solvents and detergents to remove any contaminants or debris from the surface. The components are then thoroughly rinsed and dried to remove any residual cleaning agents. Finally, the components are exposed to an oxygen-rich environment, such as pure oxygen or ozone, which reacts with any remaining contaminants to eliminate them.

Oxygen cleaning is typically performed using specialized equipment and processes to ensure that the cleaning is thorough and that the components are not damaged or contaminated during the process. It is important to ensure that oxygen cleaning is performed by trained personnel using appropriate equipment and procedures to ensure that the components are cleaned to the required level of purity.