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Can tubing be work hardened during transportation?

It is unlikely that a metal tube would experience significant work hardening during transportation, unless it is subjected to significant mechanical stress or deformation during transit.

The level of stress that a tube experiences during transportation depends on a number of factors, such as the method of transport, the handling procedures, and the type of packaging used. If the tube is packaged securely and handled properly, it is unlikely to be subjected to significant mechanical stress or deformation that would cause work hardening.

However, if the tube is mishandled or dropped during transportation, it could experience deformation and potentially work hardening. In addition, if the tube is transported in a way that exposes it to vibration, bending, or twisting, it could also experience work hardening.

Therefore, it is important to ensure that tubes are properly packaged, handled, and transported to minimize the risk of deformation and work hardening. If there are any concerns about the potential for work hardening during transportation, it may be advisable to use specialized packaging or shipping methods to protect the tubes from damage.